"Your vision will become clear only when you can

look into your own heart."  -Carl Gustav Jung


The Calgary Jung Society presents lectures, workshops, films, and seminars, exploring the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung, and recent developments in Jungian thought. Most of our speakers are Jungian analysts; many are also internationally known speakers and authors.

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Upcoming Calgary Events

Marion Woodman Foundation Retreat



MAY 9-14, 2015

Faculty: Sheila Langston, Heather Miller and Marlene Schiwy 

So often in our busy lives we suspect that we are not living fully and authentically, and find ourselves yearning for a deeper sense of who we really are. “Skeleton Woman” is an Inuit tale about abandonment and reclamation of the feminine principle in our bodies and souls. Its images invite us to drop into our own flesh and bones in order to redeem and renew what has been lost, and find a new relationship to our embodied selves. We invite you to travel across the water to ancient land where the ocean and rock and forest meet in a wild and beautiful setting. Please join us for this workshop!

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